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Our knowledge and experience of having conducted thousands of mystery shops helps us to deliver entertaining, hard-hitting and motivational customer service training workshops that deals with the real issues within your business.

Customer service training is enormously important for all sorts of business whether you’re a bar or a cafe, an online retailer or service provider like an accountant or a solicitor. To help you to understand just how much value that professional customer service training provides, we would like you to ask yourself one simple question:

Customer Service Training Explained

“How successful would your business be right now, if you had never lost a customer? How successful would you be if everyone that ever did business with your company had remained a customer?”

Now we understand that businesses lose customers for all sorts of reasons, but the key is to understand in more detail why that happens, and how it can be prevented or reduced. Depending on what sort of business that you’re in, you could spend anywhere from hundreds or thousands of pounds to acquire a single customer, but how much are you spending to keep the customers that you have? Some food for thought, perhaps.

We have conducted more than 800 training courses covering the following areas:

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