instant insight is your total market research feedback solution that analyses market research and feedback from your customers, your staff and those who engage with your business at a level that has never been seen before.

Not only will this provide you with actionable comments that will transform your business, instant insight will also increase your brand reputation by linking positive feedback to any public review platform that you choose.

What’s more, this solution will enable you to benchmark your business against others within your sector so with instant insight we can help you achieve a world class Customer and Employee Experience.

Key Features and Benefits

Market Research

Instant insight digs deeper for your market research that any other competing brand. Instant insight will deliver the market research and feedback that your business needs to take you to the next level.

World leading response rates

Across all of our clients we have a response rate of >30%. The more feedback received, the more confident you are in making great decisions for your business. This ultimately improves CX your profits.


Compare how your business rates within your sector to keep ahead of your competitors.

Links to social media review sites

Direct your happy customers towards public sites such as Google Reviews, Trust Pilot and Trip Advisor to gain more reviews and boost your online reputation.

Easy Net Promoter Score

instant insight has a NPS which is the world’s most recognised measurement matrix. A proven methodology used by the world’s greatest brands which will help you gain your colleagues commitment

Optimised for mobile devices

Working smoothly on all platforms and devices which improves the response rate

Customised insights

Target your insights to gain exact market research on your critical business issues

Action orientated

Record what actions you and your team take in response to the feedback to ensure your CX develops and improves, leading to more profit

Free response follow ups

The true power of instant insight is the free response feedback follow-up question. Let your customers tell you how they feel, in their own words.

Capture the true essence of the feedback to demonstrate to your colleagues the impact of their efforts

User notifications

Immediate notification when a customer responds. You can filter on defined responses, so if a customer is not happy you can act now!

Flexible user levels

Allows a variation of access to ensure the right people, can see the right responses, quickly

Smiley faces

Add more fun to the team or customer survey for a more simple mood indicator

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