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– Customers and Staff Focus Groups

Focus Groups are a wonderful way to identify how customers really feel about your business.  It allows the business to understand and appreciate the more intricate detail of the customer’s thoughts and to explore their feelings on areas about which your may require feedback.

Focus groups can also work very well for your team, where issues and great ideas are identified and explored.

insight6 has run hundreds of such sessions across the globe resulting in thousands of business improvements and greater profitability.

The Process:
  • Identifying objectives
  • inviting the customers to the focus group
  • Conducting the session
  • Feeding back the findings
  • Planning appropriate late actions
The session identifies from the group:
  • How they currently feel about the business
  • How they feel the business could be improved
  • Their vision for the business and additional services they would like
  • A garden centre was keen to identify its customers’ thoughts about an expansion plan
  • An SME wanted to introduce new products and wished to find out the customers’ views of its launch plan
  • An optician with a number of practices wished to identify how he could improve the customer journey
  • A food retailer wanted feedback on its team’s service performance
  • An exhibition organiser wished to identify ways to improve the exhibitor experience

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